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4 Things You Should Confirm Before Ordering a Custom Competition Bikini

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It is advisable for you to have all the necessary information before you place an order to buy competition bikinis. This article discusses some of the important information that you should have before you place an order for your first competition bikini.


Find out how much time is required for the competition bikini to be made to your specifications. Some busy suppliers may require you to make your order at least 8-weeks before the date of your competition. You therefore need to find someone who will be able to complete the competition bikini early so that fitting and final adjustments can be completed in time before your competition date.

Payment Terms

Find out the payment terms of your chosen supplier before you place your order. For instance, some may require you to pay a deposit of half the cost of the custom bikini before work begins on your order. It would therefore be unwise to select a supplier whose deposit is larger than what you currently have because precious time may be lost as you arrange to pay that deposit. You should also find out what form of payment is acceptable, such as credit cards or personal cheques.


Double-check your measurements, such as your cup size and desired competition weight before you place your order. Those measurements will determine how well the competition bikini will fit you once it has been made. Any errors that you make may be costly because the competition date may reach when another bikini hasn't been completed for you.


It is usually possible to have fabric samples sent to you in case you can't be physically present at the premises of the person who is going to make your custom competition bikini. However, the number of sample fabrics that can be sent to you varies from one company to another. You need to find out how many free samples you can receive before you select a fabric from which the bikini will be made. Remember to avoid requesting for very many fabrics (more than five, for example) because it may become harder for you to select the most appropriate one for your needs.

You should only place your order once you have obtained relevant information on the issues discussed above. In this way, you will avoid making a mistake that may jeopardise you chances of taking part in your first bikini competition.